Q. Which are the categories of professionals covered under the RCI Act?

Ans. 16 Categories of Professionals/ Personnel have been covered under the RCI Act as given below.

  1. Audiologists and Speech Therapists
  2. Clinical Psychologists
  3. Hearing and Ear Mould Technicians
  4. Rehabilitation Engineers and Technicians
  5. Special Teachers for Educating and Training the Handicapped
  6. Vocational Counsellors, Employment Officers and Placement Officers
  7. Multi-purpose Rehabilitation Therapists, Technicians
  8. Speech Pathologists
  9. Rehabilitation Psychologists
  10. Rehabilitation Social Workers
  11. Rehabilitation Practitioners in Mental Retardation
  12. Orientation and Mobility Specialists
  13. Community Based Rehabilitation Professionals
  14. Rehabilitation Counsellors, Administrators
  15. Prosthetists and Orthotists
  16. Rehabilitation Workshop Managers

However, Professionals like Physiotherapists & Occupational Therapists are not covered under the RCI Act.