Q. What formalities have to be completed for seeking RCI recognition to start any training programme?

Ans. Prescribed norms for each training programme have to be fulfilled to be eligible to run a course, are as follows:

  1. To obtain approval of Rehabilitation Council of India/ Govt. of India, the organization/ institute/ centre/ university desirous of starting the Master’s Degree/ Degree/ PG Diploma/ Diploma/ Certificate course should approach RCI, through the respective State Govt./ Union Territory to assess the infrastructural facilities before starting the course.
  2. The competent authority of State Government/ Union Territory Administration must indicate in clear terms whether they are or not in favour of starting a College or institution managed by a non-governmental organization.
  3. The institute should adopt the standards of staff, space and equipment, etc. as recommended by the Rehabilitation Council of India and give an undertaking for their phased implementation within the stipulated period.
  4. The institute must submit in writing, the willingness of University/ Board who can grant affiliation, if the Rehabilitation Council of India permits the Master’s Degree/ Degree/ PG Diploma/ Diploma course to be started.
  5. The institute must satisfy Rehabilitation Council of India about possessing enough training facilities to undertake the Master’s Degree/ Degree/ PG Diploma/ Diploma course.
  6. The management must provide adequate facilities administrative and teaching staff required for Master’s Degree/ Degree/ PG Diploma/ Diploma courses as per the recommendation of the Council.
  7. The management of the institute must submit a plan for the construction of full-fledged division and appoint competent personnel to man the same.