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The following Categories of Rehabilitation Professionals/ Personnel possessing recognized rehabilitation qualification are registered in the Central Rehabilitation Register maintained by the Rehabilitation Council of India.

Rehabilitation Professionals/ Personnel having Council's recognized qualification should apply on appropriate form to get themselves registered in the Central Rehabilitation Register. Registration Forms can be obtained from the Council free of cost by hand/ by post or can be downloaded from RCI website.

Categories of Professionals  
1. Audiologist and Speech Therapists  
2. Clinical Psychologists  
3. Hearing Aid and Ear Mould Technicians  
4. Rehabilitation Engineers and Technicians  
5. Special Teachers for Education and Training the handicapped  
6. Vocational Counsellors, Employment Officers and Placement Officers dealing with handicapped  
7. Multipurpose Rehabilitation Therapists, Technicians  
8. Speech and Hearing Technician  
9. Rehabilitation Psychologists  
10. Rehabilitation Social Workers  
11. Rehabilitation Practitioners in Mental Retardation  
12. Orientation and Mobility Specialists  
13. Community Based Rehabilitation Professionals  
14. Rehabilitation Counsellors/Administrators  
15. Prosthetists and Orthotists  
16. Rehabilitation Workshop Managers