Zonal Committee

Guidelines of Zonal Coordinations Committees of Rehabilitation Council of India( Format : PDF , Size : 1.15 MB, Language : English)

Circular for Nominated Zonal Coordinators and Members of Zonal Coordination Committtee of RCI  ( Format : PDF , Size : 2.05 MB, Language : English)


1. The objective of ZCC is to create an outreach/extension of the Council to perform the functions as defined

2. ZCC will facilitate and assist RCI in providing information and conducting enquiries, etc. as directed by the Council, pertaining to Organizations approved by RCI and personnel / Professionals.   


The broad composition of the ZCC is as follows:-

  1. The head of each ZCC who will be designated as Zonal Coordinator.
  2. A Convener shall be from amongst the members of the ZCC.
  3. State Commissioner Disability/ representative not below the rank of Deputy Director/Dy. Commissioners  (from each concerned state under the zone).
  4. Govt. representatives one each from the school education department and the department of Divyangjan not below the rank of Deputy Director (from each concerned state under the zone).
  5. Two representatives from training institutes including National Institutes/CRCS (from any two states under the zone).
  6. Two members from reputed NGO’s working in the disability sector (from any two states under the zone).
  7. Two representatives from Universities (from any two states under the zone), preferably those working with RCI or running the teacher education programmes of RCI.
  8. Two representatives from Rehabilitation Professional Associations (from any two states under the zone).
  9. Two special invitees from disability sectors (from any two states under the zone).

Note: i. No state shall be uncovered.

         ii. ZCC shall have no other units or functions apart from the functions defined under the scheme for eg. ZCC shall not create any GC or EC under the concerned area, which shall be treated as illegal and action shall be taken

Constitution and appointment of Zonal Coordinator, Convener and Members:

  1. The Zonal Coordinator shall be appointed by the Chairperson, RCI on the basis of eligibility and suitability examined by the Committee constituted for this purpose by the Chairperson, RCI, by inviting applications in the public domain or through the RCI website.
  2. The Govt. Department members will be nominated by the HOD of the concerned department on the invitation/proposal of the Council.
  3. The remaining members will be appointed by the Chairperson, RCI by inviting applications of interested candidates by giving advertisements in the public domain or through the RCI website.
  4. The Convener shall be appointed by the Chairperson, RCI from amongst the ZCC members. The ZCC Coordinator, if appointed, may facilitate the Chairperson, RCI in the process of appointment of convener and its members.

The Major functions of ZCC's shall be as follows:

  1. Monitoring the functioning of RCI’s approved teacher training institutions recognized by the Council to conduct face-to-face mode and Open & Distance Learning mode courses and to monitor the Continuing Rehabilitation Education (CRE) Programmes being organized in the States concerned.
  2. Informing the Council about malpractice/quackery in the field of special education and disability rehabilitation.
  3. Monitoring of contact programmes, term-end examinations, and entrance exams, conducted at RCI’s approved Study Centres for Open & Distance Learning Courses by deputing Central Level Observers (CLO’s).
  4. Facilitating and liaisoning of small NGO’s with RCI for their further growth.
  5. Facilitating the translation of training /study material in the regional language whenever/wherever required.
  6. To create greater awareness about the importance of qualified rehabilitation professionals in dealing with persons with disabilities and ensuring rapid progress in the development of various courses to suit the needs of each State.
  7. To liaise with the various departments of the state Government like Health, Human Resource Development and Social Welfare and to ensure that various schemes of the state and central governments are implemented properly, also to create awareness about the importance of qualified rehabilitation professionals.
  8. To share the execution of some of the tasks allocated to RCI, as assigned by RCI.
  9. To provide easier access to institutes willing to affiliate themselves with RCI.
  10. To perform such other functions as may be assigned by the Council from time to time.
  11. To undertake SWOT Analysis on various fields and areas in the disability sector, as assigned by the Council.
  12. To facilitate inspection of institutes applying for recognition with the approval of RCI.
  13. To convene at least one State-level meeting in a year to discuss technical issues pertaining to special education and disability rehabilitation in the State. In case more meetings of experts/ core groups are required, the same may be organized subject to prior approval of the Council.
  14. To convene Seminars/Symposiums/Workshops at different places in the State on technical issues pertaining to the region, subject to prior approval of RCI.
  15. To facilitate in improving the quality of training programmes being conducted in the State by recognized institutions i.e. to facilitate with programme audit.
  16. Translation and writing of appropriate literature relevant to the region and to prepare such reports as RCI may assign the ZCC to do so.
  17. To create awareness about the activities of the Council and other acts promulgated by the Central and State Governments for the welfare of persons with disabilities. The ZCC will establish proper liaison between State Govt. & RCI.
  18. To forward grievances of individuals and institutions to Chairperson, RCI with appropriate  comments. The decision of the RCI shall be final and abiding by all parties in case of any dispute.
  19. To raise funds from CSR, only for discharging the defined functions.
  20. Any other functions that may be assigned to the ZCC by RCI from time to time.

Note:  All its functions shall be advisory in nature. All decisions having legal implications shall be taken in consultation with RCI only.

Area wise Coverage of ZCC:

Sl. No.

Proposed State Chapters

Geographical coverage of States


North Eastern -I

Assam , Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya


North Eastern -II

Arunachal Pradesh , Nagaland, Tripura


Eastern -I

West Bengal , Odisha


Eastern -II

Bihar ,  Jharkhand


Central -I

Uttar Pradesh ,Uttarakhand


Central- II

Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh


Northern -I

Punjab, Chandigarh


Northern -II

Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir


Northern -III

Haryana, Delhi



Gujarat, Rajasthan, daman & Diu



Maharashtra, Goa, Dadar & Nagar Haveli


Southern -I

Andhra Pradesh, Telangana,



Kerala  ,  Karnataka , Lakshadweep



Tamilnadu , Puducherry, Andaman & Nicobar