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1 DVTE (MR) Mental Retardation Kinesiology and First Aid Part-1 & Part-2* 200/-  
2 DVTE (MR) Principles of Vocational Training Part-1 & Part-2* 250/-  
3 DVTE (MR) Psychology Applied to Vocational Training * 100/-  
4 DVTE (MR) Science and Technology in Employment of Persons with MR- Part 1 & Part 2* 250/-  
5 DVTE (MR) Community Work for Vocational Training and Employment of Persons with Mental Retardation  60/*  
6 DVTE (MR) Principles of Management in Employment of Persons with Mental Retardation 75/*  
7 DSE (HI) Äudiology"(in Bangla Language) 45/-  
8 DSE (HI) "Speech & Language "(in Bangla Language) 80/-  
9 DSE (VI) EkiKrit Tatha Samaveshi Shiksha (HINDI) 60/-  
10 DSE (VI) Alph Drishtivaan Bacchon ki Shiksha (HINDI) 60/-  
11 DSE (VI) Education of Children with Low Vision 60/-  
Note: Free copies only for Recognised Training Institution of RCI  
*  Limited Copies available  




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